You're anxious, a bit lost, perhaps bewildered or even afraid. You feel trapped or stuck in a place, or in numerous places, that aren't right for you. You try to unravel the knots only to find them bigger and tighter. If only you could stand outside everything and see the totality. Right now you need another pair of ears to listen to you, another pair of eyes to see things with you - along with affordable, friendly, caring, non-judgmental help and simple suggestions.

I believe in speaking plainly and directly. I call troubles, worries, problems, traumas, bigotry, prejudice, pain, hurt and loneliness by their real names and never hide behind comfort non-words such as challenges, tasks and issues. And I don't preach.

In my experience, growth and change and progress occur in between sessions and not always at them. I therefore offer the first two sessions free so that you can decide calmly and objectively whether I am right for you. I will of course refer you to a clinical specialist or medical professional if we agree this would be more appropriate for you.

Confidential one-hour sessions are available at any time on any topic. Following an initial discussion, the first TWO sessions are FREE with subsequent sessions at Euros 30.00 per hour. I invite you to contact me, without any obligation, by telephone in Northern Europe on +44 795 160 5047 and in Southern Europe on +30 6976 763 654, on Skype at ianwilson2020 or here by email at

Share your Troubles
Listening, encouraging, supporting, caring, guiding, inspiring, reassuring and helping.

Hello. I offer a confidential listening ear, encouragement, constructive help and gentle guidance on a huge range of personal, commercial and career aspects of life.

I have world-wide experience and knowledge with which I offer a broader and perhaps less daunting service than formal therapy, counselling or coaching. I have skills and experience in these areas but I also add jargon-free warmth and care that is not always present in some aspects of the conventional disciplines.

I offer practical, caring help
- on line or in person.
Practical. Caring. Informal. Confidential Listening and Support.